The corporation’s history dates back to 1974 when the construction site of the future brewery was sand filled. The start-up of production was dedicated to the 1980 Olympic Games.

Czech experts were engaged in the project as world-renowned brewmasters. They were the ones who identified the construction site for the new brewery. The choice of construction site was determined by the main factor, namely the availability of huge reserves of soft, crystal-clear water. Today, the water from Jurassic bedrock (290 m) ensures the high quality of our products.

Soon afterwards, the enterprise gave the impetus to developing the largest corporation in Ukraine to produce beer, low alcohol and soft drinks, and mineral water.

The plant received its current name only in 1986, after the district of Kyiv with the same name. The word ‘Obolon’ comes from the times of Kievan Rus, when it denoted low riverside meadows.

Built according to a Czech design, the brewery produced beer that gained wide popularity. After Ukraine became independent, Obolon was the first corporation to export hopped beverages to Europe and the USA. Obolon trademark beer started being perceived as traditional Ukrainian beer in the whole world.

After a quarter of a century, Obolon has evolved into a world-renowned trademark. Today people on five continents associate Obolon with Ukrainian beer #1.

Historic milestones


Opening of Kyiv Brewery #3 dedicated to the XXII Olympic Games takes place, and the first batch of beer is brewed. A soft drink plant is put into operation at the enterprise.


A new mineral water bottling shop started operation.


Obolon Brewing and Soft Drink Association was established on the basis of Kyiv Brewery #3, and included Kyiv Brewery #1, Kyiv Brewery #2 and Fastiv Brewery.


The staff elects Oleksandr Slobodyan out of five candidates nominated for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Obolon Brewing and Soft Drink Association.

The enterprise started its export activities, and for the first time ever, Zhiguli Beer reaches customers in United Kingdom and is highly rated by them.


On the initiative of CEO Oleksandr Slobodyan, the staff take a capital lease on the enterprise.


Obolon receives privatization certificate #1 from the State Property Fund of Ukraine and made history as the first private enterprise of independent Ukraine.


The privatized enterprise receives the legal status of a closed corporation.


With the release of the legendary low-alcohol drink Gin Tonic, the company founded the low-alcohol beverage market not only in Ukraine, but also in Eastern Europe.


Obolon CJSC becomes a co-owner of Sevastopol Brewery JSC and Bershad Integrated Brewery CJSC.


The production of canned beer is started in Ukraine for the first time ever.

Obolon CJSC becomes a co-owner of the Okhtyrka Brewery JSC

The company was the first in Ukraine to receive a $40 million loan from EBRD without a government guarantee. The money is used to finance core strategic programs.


Obolon CJSC is the industry’s first enterprise to receive an international certificate for ISO-9001 Quality Management System version 1994, which confirms the high level of all processes and capability of a Ukrainian enterprise to make world-class products.

Nyva Obolon Scientific and Production Association is established in Chemerivtsi, Khmelnytsky Region, which from then on is involved in selective work, breeding, testing, commercial propagation of seeds of promising barley varieties, and provides Obolon CJSC with high-quality raw materials.


Zhyvchyk soft drink enters the market and promptly wins wide public recognition. It is made from natural raw materials only. Later, other manufacturers followed this example and started production of juice-containing beverages.


New types of products are released: ‘2000’ beer, Cola Nova, Obolon Orange A.C.E. soft drinks.


Obolon CJSC affirms high organization of the corporate quality management system and obtains a certificate of the ISO-9001 standard version 2000.

The production of Zhyvchyk Unique soft drink containing fructose instead of sugar is started.


In order to reduce environmental load, a PET bottle recycling plant with capacity of 500 kg/hour was commissioned in Oleksandria, Kirovograd Region.


The Obolon brand is recognized as a ‘Golden Trademark’.


The Company launches Europe’s largest bottling line with maximum capacity of 110 000 bottles per hour. Configuration and assembly work is performed by the well-known German company KHS. With the launch of the new bottling line, the Obolon plant is ranked among three largest brewing plants of Europe.

A new brewing system is put into operation. The equipment was supplied and installed by Ziemann Group. The Company invested as much as $18 million in this large-scale project. The new brewing system is equipped with three mash-mixing vessels, wort boiler, whirlpool and the largest lauter tank in Ukraine, with a diameter reaching 11.5 m

Zhyvchyk celebrated its first jubilee - 5 years. The favorite children’s drink gathered 9 000 spectators in the Kyiv Sports Palace for a grand finale of the ‘Zhyvchyk Starts’ promotion.

A new youth brand, Hike Premium, goes on the market. Limited production of Hike Premium is used for the first time as an innovative approach within the brand strategy.


Oleksandr Slobodyan, President of Obolon CJSC, heads the ‘TOP-100. Best top managers of Ukraine' rating compiled by the authoritative business publication Investgazeta.

Obolon CJSC wins the All-Ukrainian contest for 'Best Employer of the Year’ within the group of enterprises employing 1001 to 5000 people.

A new trademark, Desant, is introduced to the market – light non-pasteurized beer for real men.

The production of ‘Prozora. Vershyna Yakosti’ drinking water starts.

Zibert's Brewery Subsidiary of Obolon CJSC celebrates its centennial.


Obolon is recognized as one of the best taxpayers of Kyiv.

Football player Andriy Shevchenko and Obolon initiate a charitable football match under the motto ‘Give your heart to children’. The funds raised have been directed to construction of a ‘Children’s clinic of the future’ and charitable projects of the Andriy Shevchenko Foundation.

A new brewing system and filling lines with capacity of 39 000 b/h (PET bottles), 50 000 b/h (glass bottles) and 60 000 cans/h (0.5l, 0.33l and 0.25l aluminum cans) are put into operation.


Obolon CJSC was the first enterprise in the food industry to certify four management systems at once. During the audit performed by representatives of the German firm DEKRA-ITS, Obolon re-affirmed its compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2001 (Quality Management System), DSTU ISO 22 000:2007 (Food Safety Management Systems), DSTU ISO 14 001:2006 (Environmental Management Systems), and DSTU-Ï OHSAS 18 001:2006 (Occupational Health and Safety Systems).

Significant expansion of the keg line from 400 keg/h to 1000 keg/h takes place.

The company markets two new brands: ‘Magnat’, the first Ukrainian premium-quality beer, and ‘Frest’ soft drink.

A unit forprocessing brewing waste, i.e., brewer’s grain, is put into operation at the main Kyiv plant. After drying and granulation, the brewer’s grain is used as high-quality forage for agricultural purposes.

Ukraine’s first production of packing bands from recycled PET bottles is initiated in Oleksandria.


Ceremonial opening of a malting plant is held in Chemerivtsi, Khmelnytskyi Region. It is one of the most up-to-date facilities in Europe. Total project investments amounted to $100 million. Production capacity is 120 000 tonnes of malt per year.

After large-scale remodeling, advanced boileries and bottling lines are launched at the Zibert’s Brewery Subsidiary, Fastiv.

The company’s brand portfolio is supplemented with a new ‘Zibert’ trademark. The line comprises three sorts of beer: Zibert Light, Zibert Bavarian and Zibert White.

Obolon enters the energy drink market with the new Jett brand featuring three different flavors – pomegranate, cherry and tonic lemon.


Licensed Desant beer bottling starts in the Republic of Belarus on the capacities of the “Brest Beer” brewery.

In May, the corporation celebrated its 30 anniversary. During the celebration a new record for Ukraine was set: 2123 employees of the corporation declared the most mass beer toast. Also specifically to the remarkable date a limited-edition beer “Obolon Jubilee” was brewed.

The range of TM Zhivchik expanded with new drink - Zhivchik non-carbonated.

The range of TM Beermix expanded with a new position - a beer cocktail with grapefruit flavor «Beermix Grapefruit».

Brewers of Obolon revived a familiar Soviet-era recipe beer Zhigulivske. The main feature of the drink is the lack of pasteurization, which results in short shelf life - 30 days.

Obolon Corporation took first place among the best employers adopting the principles of equitable gender policies.


In the beginning of the year the Obolon company, based on the ‘The most valued employers of Ukraine 2010’ research organized by Reputation Capital and HeadHunter, came fifth among Ukrainian companies with the best reputation as an employer.

Obolon changes the type of ownership, having become a joint-stock company.

The corporation takes fifth place in the rating of socially responsible companies of Ukraine, published in specialist magazine Gvardia in April 2011.

Obolon brewers reduce the shelf life of Obolon Svetloe [Light] by three times.

Molson Coors Brewing Company and the Obolon corporation announce commercial collaboration plans in Ukraine. The legendary Carling beer enters the Ukrainian market.

Obolon enters the water cooler market: bottling of new Aquabalance water begins.

The Obolon Corp. and the EU and International Employment Office implement a gender plan – actions to ensure equal opportunities for employees of both sexes.

As part of the ‘Have a crazy time, but drink responsibly’ project the expert team created Ukraine’s first comic on responsible beer consumption.

Obolon introduces new premium varieties of beer to the market – ‘Barley Ear’, ‘National Glory’ and ‘Obolon Exclusive’, and it is launching production of the alcohol-free juice drink ‘Zhyvchyk Cherry’ and introducing a new taste and design for such beer brands ‘hike’ and ‘Obolon Premium’.

Obolon comes 28th in the world in terms of beer production volume based on 2010 results.

Obolon completes first export supplies of beer to China.

Obolon and the ‘Trump Card’ [Kozynaya Karta] family of restaurants announce collaboration. In line with their agreement, the corporation’s beer brands are represented in over 70 restaurants in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Zibert gains recognition at the annual Effie Awards Ukraine 2011, confirming the effectiveness of marketing communications.

Obolon Corp wins in the ‘Environment Protection’ nomination at business case competition, arranged by KCB Development Center.


Obolon launches ZhyvchykÒÌ still drink with a cherry taste that contains tasty and healthy ingredients– cherry juice and dogrose extract.

The Obolon Corp. renews and expands the range of packaging materials for cocktails from the classical series of low-alcohol drinks – Gin Tonic, Brandy Cola and Rum Cola.

Production of Zlata Praha and Carling in 0.5l aluminum cans has begun, preserving the rich taste, beneficial properties and excellent fresh taste of this lager beer.

The Obolon Corp is among the top 10 best socially responsible companies of Ukraine published in March 2012 by the specialist magazine Gvardia.

Production has begun of a new sugar-free juice drink with anti-radionuclide properties ‘Unique’ on the basis of natural components and fructose.

A new limited edition hike urban beer hits the market with the addition of wheat malt.

Obolon expands its soft drinks range by launching its Cola Nova with lemon and refreshing Rio de Mojito. Two more new low-alcohol products - Rio de Mojito Lime and Rio de Mojito Strawberry – are to be launched a little later.

Based on results of the first half of 2012, Obolon has become the largest soft drinks producer in Ukraine.

Obolon receives award from Molson Coors Brewing Company for the production of the first million decalitres of CarlingTM beer.





"Obolon" summed up the 12-year program of sightseeing tours to Kyiv brewery. More than 120,000 local and foreign visitors attended brewery “Obolon” in Kiev.

Obolon has released several new products (beer Zlata Praha Černe, Zibert Weissbier, live fermentation kvass "Starokiyvsky" soft drink "Zhivchik Orange", low-alcohol drink "Vodka Lime"), and restarted legendary beer "2000".

Following the 2013 corporation "Obolon" entered the top of 5 most transparent Ukrainian companies. Sixth Obolon Sustainability Report (in 2013-2014) was the first in Ukraine report drawn up in accordance with the international standard GRI 4.


Corporation "Obolon" has introduced multiple new products in the segment of mineral water - "Zbruchanska 77", "Prozora" with peach and green tea, "Obolonska" with taste of lemon and orange.

Children's juice drink "Zhivchik" got a new package -  PET bottle of 0.33 liters and a special kind of lid named “flip-top”.

The company opened a new category of products, starting production of cider “Ciber” and a new kind of snack - toasts BULBA Grenki.


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