Approximately 6000 people are employed at all Obolon enterprises, with 3600 of them working at the main plant in Kyiv . Obolon ensures proper work and life conditions for its employees. Each year, professional development, a medical examination, first aid, preventive treatment and development of the social sphere are provided for.

Obolon is one of the best employers in Ukraine. The average salary in the corporation exceeds that of the country and industry, amounting to UAH 6,700 in 2013. All salaries and bonuses are paid officially; i.e., the corporation pays all mandatory taxes and deductions to pension and other funds. Salaries at Obolon JSC are paid on time.

The staff-oriented social policy of Obolon JSC is aimed at providing the required labor productivity, reducing staff turnover and enhancing social protection of the employees.

A social package also covering retired employees includes a lump-sum health improvement payment, travel packages for children, holiday bonuses, and childbirth, retirement, marriage and emergency benefits. An up-to-date medical station and gym are operating at the enterprise. The staff is provided with decent working conditions, including compliance with the OHSAS standard, workplace certification, timely repair and upgrading of equipment, and monitoring of working and living conditions.

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