Obolon’s strategy always aims at meeting customers’ demands and expectations, and thus maintaining a leading position on the beer and soft drink market, with constant attention to preservation of the environment and respecting the interests of all the stakeholders. Obolon implements innovative and energy saving technologies, improves the environmental performance of production, minimizes environmental emissions and promotes recycling practices.

In recent years there have been major investment projects aimed at reducing environmental impact, such as collection and recycling of PET bottles, processing brewer's grains for feed for agricultural needs, reducing harmful emissions and ensuring economic utilization of resources. This allows for considerable improvement in environmental conditions and raises the awareness and environmental culture of employees. Obolon JSC spent 45 million hryvnias in total on environmental protection programs in 2007-2008.

The increase in production ensures reduction of environmental impact. In particular, in recent years (from 2000 to 2008) atmospheric emissions were reduced by 42% and waste generation by 48%. At the same time, more than 86% of in-house production wastes are being sold, recycled and reused by the corporation, thus demonstrating a responsible attitude to environmental issues in Ukraine.

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