Responsible consumption

Obolon strives to provide consumers with objective information about beer and its properties and make them realize the importance of treating this product properly. Indeed, given moderate and, which is equally important, reasonable beer consumption, it can be part of a healthy lifestyle, as this beverage contains quite a few important vitamins and microelements of benefit to the human organism.

Obolon takes the issue of beer consumption in Ukraine seriously and adheres to global principles of responsible marketing. In order to convey information about the importance of a responsible attitude to beer to the widest possible range of people, we have implemented a large-scale voluntary program called Drink responsibly!.

Within the framework of the program, different communication channels are used to cover the widest possible consumer audience. In particular, all Obolon PJSC beer labels contain a warning of the impermissibility of beer consumption by persons under 18 years of age, pregnant women and drivers, as well as information about beer consumption standards. We place the Drink responsibly! logo in all video advertisements of the Corporations brands. Among other means of communication with consumers, a special web-site is used, which contains information about responsible consumption of beer and alcoholic beverages. A special brochure devoted to hopped beverages and their characteristics and culture of consumption is being distributed.

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