Social investments

For over decade and half, Obolon has been actively engaged in charity, forming a social budget and allotting part of the products within the framework of charitable and patronage projects.

This activity of the Corporation is diversified and includes:

  • educational projects;
  • assistance to socially unprotected sections of the population;
  • sports development;
  • assistance in revival of spirituality and the historical and cultural heritage.


Social project competition

In 2007 the All-Ukrainian social project competition ‘Let's improve the quality of Ukrainian life together!’ was held. Donetsk City Charity Foundation Dobrota and Kyiv Scout village - National Scout Association of Ukraine were the winners and received a total of 150 000 hryvnias for implementing social projects.

Educational projects

Support of the Petro Yatsyk International Ukrainian Language Competition held by the League of Ukrainian Patrons. Every year, prizes are established for winners and prize-winners of the Competition, who are children from all over Ukraine and the Diaspora.

National cinematography support program

A total of 250 000 hryvnias were granted for presentation and advertising of the film Bogdan Zinoviy Khmelnytsky. The Corporation is planning to become actively involved in film festivals and support Ukrainian films at different film forums in Ukraine and abroad.

Development of Ukrainian book publishing

Over the last 15 years, assistance has been provided for publishing more than 200 textbooks, manuals, collections, catalogues, reference books, fiction, scientific, historical and children's literature. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting books that promote cultivation of the national consciousness, Ukrainian textbooks and historical literature.

Reconstruction of historical and architectural monuments

Obolon supports reconstruction of historical and architectural monuments: Central Museum of Taras Shevchenko, Saint Mykola’s (Prytysky) Church in Kyiv, Temple of Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in Mariupol, Church of Volodymyr the Great in Vyshgorod, Holy Trinity Cathedral Church in Lutsk, Kyrylo Rozumovsky’s palace in Baturyn, etc. The Company is also helping the Hetmanship Museum, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Ivan Gonchar Museum, supporting construction of monuments to Mother Ukraine in the town of Sambir and the President of ZUNR (National Council of Western Ukraine), Yevgen Petrushevych, in the town of Sokol.

Development of Ukrainian sports

Promotion of development of children’s football in a Special Children’s and Youth School of the Zmina Olympic Reserve, where children from 7 to 18 years old are educated. Support of Obolon Kyiv Football Club playing in the Premier League. With Obolon’s support, a modern stadium was built for the club in Obolon District of Kyiv. This football complex will be able to host the games of the highest level and will become one of the training arenas for Euro 2012.

Assistance to the vulnerable population

Aid in the amount of 1 million hryvnias was granted to the areas devastated by the destructive effects of the flood on July 23-27, 2008.

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