Our employees are our most valuable asset. Being one large family and a team of professionals at the same time, they are dedicated to their cause and pay attention to everything that happens around them. The business units of the corporation employ around 6.5 thousand people; Obolon’s central factory in Kyiv alone has over 3000 employees.

The policy of Obolon Corporation aims to provide decent and safe working conditions along with continuous development and professional training of the personnel. The business units of the corporation have implemented an occupational health and safety management system certified under OHSAS 18001:2007.

Obolon has also become one of the first enterprises in Ukraine to follow the European practice by developing its own gender diversity plan. The project was implemented with support from the European Union and the International Labor Office within the framework of the project titled “Gender Equality in the World of Work”. Obolon’s gender diversity plan provides for specific actions to ensure equal opportunities for both male and female employees.

The priorities of Obolon are not limited to holding leadership in the beverages market. Another important goal of the company is to provide and maintain decent, competitive, and safe working conditions.

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