BeerMix Gin Rio Red New Emotions for a Lively Summer!
Obolon Corporation has added a new and unique flavor to its variety of beer mix beverages: the Beermix Gin Rio Red. It is the second drink in this category produced by the Corporation in the 2013 season

Zibert Bochkove: A Taste of German Draft Beer
This June, Ukrainian retail outlets have started selling Bochkove, a new beer brand marketed under the Zibert trademark

Carambola: A New Exotic Beer Mix
Carambola, a new beverage in Obolon’s youth series of beer mixes, was launched on the market this June. The new drink is a real emotional explosion, as it combines light premium beer with the taste of exotic tropical fruit.

Obolon Rozlyvne - Always More Freshness and Taste
The Obolon Corporation has started production of Rozlyvne, a new beer brand under the Obolon trademark.

Obolon Launches RIO, a New Series of Beverages
Obolon Corporation launches a new series of youth low-alcohol beverages marketed under the Rio brand. This premium brand includes three drink flavors: Pina Colada, Margarita, and Mojito.

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